About Arpa

Who we are

L’Arpa Srl was founded in 1994 and now specializes in the production of hollow chains and bracelets in gold light and super light The continuous search for improvement has led the company today The Harp to customize their own
jewelry with the use of special laser-cut allowing it to satisfy the tastes of the customer and be able to customize each product line according to his needs.
A collection continues to grow and in constant improvement combined with the passion of our team give you the confidence and assurance of a product made in Italy 100%.
The Jewel Creations was founded in 1981, and with his experience thirty years has managed to acquire a great positioning in the gold sector.
The company has a capacity of innovation that allowed to penetrate through the years numerous markets.
The ultimate expression of femininity: 4 collections a year characterized by a minimalist design and clean lines that play with the color and the harmony of forms.

Working Philosophy

Passion for the ‘ Gold , Creativity , Innovation and style . These are the elements which are based on our collections .

Our Mission

Our goal is to combine the artisan production with the latest technology. All jewels are entirely designed and made inside our company.

Working Methodology

A team of people and makes available its creativity and experience to create collections that are in line with the latest market trends.


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